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House Bill 264 - Disqualify Certain Property from PUV


House Bill 264 - Disqualify Certain Property from PUV

The legislative analysis for this bill is provided by
North Carolina Conservation Network
At a glance
Makes solar energy more costly for landowners
Legislative analysis provider
Last update
June 12, 2017
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This bill is one of many anti-solar and anti-renewable energy bills proposed in this session, even though clean energy has brought over 34,000 jobs to North Carolina since 2015 - a 31% increase.

This bill would make having a solar energy system more costly for owners by removing Present-Use Value status for their land. This would remove the tax breaks from agricultural, forested, or horticulture land and trigger requirements for payment of deferred taxes when a solar energy system built on the property receives a property tax abatement and the energy generated by the system is not used solely ‘for the benefit of the land’.

Current Committee
House Energy and Public Utilities Committee
Other chamber activity
Has not been introduced in Senate
Senate sponsors
No sponsors for this bill
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