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House Bill 63 - Citizens Protection Act of 2017


House Bill 63 - Citizens Protection Act of 2017

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Targets immigrant community by keeping immigrants in jail without bail, punishes sanctuary cities
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June 15, 2017
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This bill removes bond for undocumented immigrants, cracks down on suppliers of fake IDs, and punishes cities that appear to be soft on immigrants. The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina has stated that the bill appears to be unconstitutional. “These measures will encourage racial profiling and allow law enforcement to detain people indefinitely without probable cause – practices that would violate the Constitution and do nothing to make our communities safer,” said Sarah Gillooly, Policy Director for the ACLU of North Carolina.

Punishing sanctuary cities

The bill punishes sanctuary cities or cities that appear to be sanctuary cities by withholding tax receipts from the sales of beer and wine, piped natural gas, telecommunications services and the state Department of Transportation funds. Furthermore, the bill allows civilians to sue local governments if a civilian believes that municipalities are not enforcing federal immigration law.

Removing bond for undocumented immigrants

Undocumented immigrants would be denied bond, forcing immigrants to remain in custody until their trial, which could be over a year due to lack of speedy trial laws in North Carolina. Critics believe that this could result in more crowded county prisons, and keeping people in custody even for minor offenses. Advocates against the bill are also concerned that innocent people could be held in custody and families could be separated for extended periods of time.

Anonymous tips to the Attorney General's office

The bill also allows civilians to report "tips" to the Attorney General if the civilian feels that a government or law enforcement agency is not being tough enough on immigrants, and this law would force the attorney general to investigate the tip. Critics say that this would be an intensive energy and resource drain on the Attorney General's office.

Cracking down on fake IDs

Supplying a fake ID would be a felony charge under this new law.

Read more about this bill here.

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