Senate Bill 145 - Government Immigration Compliance


Invalidates the Faith Identification program, a church program that provides identification for undocumented immigrants

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Quick overview:

Senate Bill 145 invalidates the North Carolina Faith Action Identification Card program, a Church program to help undocumented immigrants get legal identification cards. This bill also creates a process in which citizens can report a sanctuary city and the Attorney General is forced to investigate. It removes immunity from civil liability — meaning law enforcement of local government is not protected by civil lawsuits. This also limits any UNC constituent from limiting or restricting the enforcement of immigration law on campuses.

Ending the FaithAction ID Program

The bill would invalidate the successful FaithAction ID Program by not allowing law enforcement to use FaithAction IDs to determine a person's residency or identity.

The FaithAction ID Program started in 2013 in Greensboro, NC in order to provide a form of identification for residents who may not have access to government-issued forms of identification. The program provides IDs for youth, the elderly, special needs, undocumented immigrants and more. The ID program has been reported to be a success for both immigrants and law enforcement because it keeps police officers from being forced to take someone to jail who has no identification but is not breaking the law in any other way. The program has also resulted in better trust between law enforcement and immigrants in North Carolina's cities. In Greensboro, a human-trafficking case was solved when an undocumented immigrant came forward with information to police, but only after the FaithAction ID program instilled trust with the police. Furthermore, it allows undocumented immigrants to access basic services such as medicaid, getting a library card, and cashing checks. This has meant better relationships between the police and undocumented immigrants, more crimes solved for police, and more confidence and a better quality of life for undocumented immigrants.

Turn highway patrol officers into immigration officers through the 287(g) program

The bill will turn North Carolina highway patrol officers into immigration officers through the 287(g) program. North Carolina would be the only state whose highway patrol officers also acted as immigration officers, and could drive the undocumented community even more into the shadows.

Forces University of North Carolina to disclose immigration status of students upon request

The bill forces the University of North Carolina system to disclose the immigration status of its students to law enforcement upon request, potentially violating the federal Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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