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Senate Bill 434 - Amend Environmental Laws 2


Senate Bill 434 - Amend Environmental Laws 2

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North Carolina Conservation Network
At a glance
Increases river and stream pollution, repeals plastic bag ban on coast
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June 12, 2017
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Currently, NC law requires 50 foot riparian buffers along streams and rivers to reduce the amount of pollution entering these bodies of waters. Cities are allowed to increase the size of the riparian buffer by providing sound scientific evidence that the wider buffer is necessary and will reduce pollution. This bill will eliminate this allowance, forcing cities to abide by the 50 foot buffer requirement. This would result in dirtier streams and rivers, less animal habitat in urban areas, and much more expensive cleanup costs. This bill also removes buffer requirements for the Catawba River, which would result in a dirtier Catawba River. This bill also repeals the plastic bag ban on the coast. 

Learn more about the benefits of riparian buffers from American Rivers.

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House Rules, Calendar and Operations Committee
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