SJR 36 - Convention of the States


This bill adds North Carolina to the list of states calling for a Constitutional Convention to add language regarding the U.S. budget to the Constitution.

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Quick overview:

This bill would add North Carolina to the growing list of states calling for a Constitutional Convention to change the U.S. Constitution. Calling a convention requires 34 state legislatures to approve the convention through a state law passed by both chambers and signed by the Governor. Any changes made to the Constitution requires ratification from 38 states.

Wisconsin's State Assembly recently passed a resolution calling for a constitutional convention. If it passes the State's Senate, it will make Wisconsin the 30th state out of 34. North Carolina could be the 31st.

Critics fear that a Constitutional Convention could lead to a runaway convention, where basic freedoms are rewritten. Supporters claim that only the Federal Government's budget will be under consideration.

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